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BarnCraft Rolling Hardware
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BarnCraft hardware kits perfectly complement the BarnCraft Collection of rolling barn doors. Made of high quality steel, BarnCraft hardware glides smoothly and quietly, and is available in 5 designs; Philmont, Gage, Slade, Royal and Waggoner. All designs are available with a powder coated black finish, while the Gage and Slade styles are also available in a stainless steel finish. Each kit includes the rollers, rail, screws & nuts, floor guider, stopper and anti jump discs. More info.

Important Note:
The BarnCraft hardware kits apply to interior residential doors only. Ensure proper structural support for the weight and movement of the doors before installation.


GlassCraft BarnCraft Gage rolling hardware
GlassCraft BarnCraft Philmont rolling hardware
GlassCraft BarnCraft Royal rolling hardware
GlassCraft BarnCraft Slade rolling hardware
GlassCraft BarnCraft Waggoner rolling hardware
BDHA02K - Black
BDHA02SSK-Stainless steel
BDHA05K - Black BDHA06K - Black BDHA01K - Black
BDHA01SSK-Stainless steel
BDHA03K - Black
BarnCraft Door Handles and Locks
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These premium pull handles are made of real wrought iron, and are available in 8 designs; Santa Fe, Monterey, Corona, Tuscon, San Juan, Gila, Metro and the flush-mounted, inset Vista. All styles except for the Metro feature a Black finish, while the Metro is only available in stainless steel, and the Vista offers both finishes. Choose any of these pull handle options to match the style of your BarnCraft rolling door.

Also available for BarnCraft doors is an optional locking system for privacy. Specially designed for the BarnCraft Rolling Doors, the privacy lock is made of premium quality steel, powder coated in a black finish for durability. Includes all screws and parts as shown in the image below. BarnCraft Product Guide.  Hardware Installation Guide.

Note: GlassCraft does not prep the doors for these locks, as the lock location varies for each specific installation.


Santa Fe
Vista (Recessed)
Metro (Side view)
GlassCraft BarnCraft Santa Fe door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft Monterey door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft Corona door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft Vista black door handleGlassCraft BarnCraft Vista stainless steel door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft Metro 12 inch stainless steel door handleGlassCraft BarnCraft Metro 16 inch stainless steel door handle
HP1- Black HP2 - Black HP3 - Black HP4 - Black
HP4S - Stainless steel
HP20S - Stainless steel 12"
HP21S - Stainless steel 16"
San Juan
Privacy Lock
GlassCraft BarnCraft Tuscon door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft San Juan door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft Gila door handle GlassCraft BarnCraft door lock
HP13- Black HP16 - Black HP17 - Black   BDPL1 - Black