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Welcome to the GlassCraft Service Center where you will find useful information, forms and guides for purchasing, installing and caring for your GlassCraft entry door product. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please email us your question. Our customer service department is here to assist you.

Order Forms - Pre-hang and Custom Door
To order your new Pre-hang or Custom door, complete the form you need
from this list:

NEW Wood Door Standard Order Form (This form is required beginning November 14, 2016.)
Wood Door Custom Order Form
FiberCraft Composite Door Standard Order Form
FiberCraft Composite Door Custom Order Form
Buffalo Forge Steel Door Order Form
Buffalo Forge ThermaPlus Steel Door Order Form
Buffalo Forge Custom Door Order Form
BarnCraft Rolling Door Order Form

Recommended Customer Support Links:

Defect Claim Form
GlassCraft Door Warranties
Installation and Maintenence Guides
Shipping Information
Catalog & Materials Request
Marketing Support


Installation Release Form
Complete this form to schedule your installation job.

Installation Release Form

Claim Forms

Defect Claim Form (for as-delivered items)
Warranty Claim Form (for installed slabs or pre-hangs)

Guidelines for Assembling, Installing, Finishing and Maintenance
Make sure to read and follow the guidelines carefully before starting any installation or finishing. Failure to follow the guidelines will void the product warranty.

Installation and Maintenence Guides
BarnCraft Barn Door Assembly Guide

Technical Documents
See testing results.

Composite Jamb - Fastener Pull Through
Composite Jamb - Linear Thermal Expansion
Product Performance: Impact/Windload/EnergyStar







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